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Monday, December 28, 2009

Pocket Change

Indian Hippy's quirky accessories may not appeal to everyone, but if you're looking for a more adventurous version of your standard-issue, drab wallet, then you’ve got yourself a hit. Hand-painted by film poster artists rapidly going out of business due to the digital era, this just-launched range of belts, wallets, clutches and small furniture pieces feature Bollywood's most famous stars and movies in miniature. We especially like the foldable chairs featuring President Obama – kitschy and unusually funny.

Poster Boys

Thanks to these guys, you can now be a star. And it doesn’t have to involve bulking up into Hrithik’s frame or shrinking down to Kareena’s size zero. Simply send in your photo, along with your movie of choice, and they'll paint you into the poster.

Motion Pictures

Although Indian Hippy takes orders for canvasses as well, they focus primarily on creating objects which you can carry around. "The idea was to create moveable, accessible art that's integrated into everyday life," explains Hinesh Jethwani, founder of Indian Hippy. He also promises that the leather used is of the "highest grade export quality" and that the paint won't peel off, even after frequent use.

Autograph, Please?

We're not sure how many people can carry off a Sholay belt or a Govinda clutch, but these accessories channel the starry dreams of a billion people, and are guaranteed to make you stand apart. At the very least, they're great conversation-starters, whether you're pulling out your credit card at a fancy restaurant or fishing for change at the local paanwalla's.

Getting there: Available online only, at, start at approximately Rs 1,850.

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